Our History

Humble Beginnings

The Center for Christian Counseling was created in 2007

to provide mental health services from licensed practitioners to those who either have no insurance or are under-insured, as well as to those who are seeking Biblically-based counseling. We chose to use a sliding fee scale so that anyone seeking services would be able to pay what was appropriate to their income as God blessed them.

The founder, Margie Satterfield, LPC, started the CFCC, initially meeting in empty church offices at Third Church. Within months, another therapist joined the ministry, which continued to grow until the ministry needed to move across the street to the current location on the 2nd floor of the Forest Professional Building at 513 Forest Ave., Suite 200. It wasn’t long before the ministry grew to seven therapists. The number of therapists now fluctuates as need fluctuates.

Churches throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia refer their members to the CFCC. We are non-denominational and Biblically based, and seek to encourage spiritual growth along with providing clinical interventions that promote the healing of disorders. Both our Board of Directors and our Therapists sign a common Statement of Faith that creates a unified approach to the services we provide. We also offer counseling to anyone in need, no matter their faith.

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